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Thursdays May 9th, 16th and 23rd - 2-5pm.


This short, info-packed course will boost your veggie cooking confidence and have you cooking up a very tasty springtime storm in just three weeks!

This course is designed to help you gain a better understanding of vegetarian cooking.

We will be working with a selection of base and store cupboard ingredients plus fresh seasonal favourites. You will learn a variety of ways to prepare and cook them, how to get the best results from each, and how to incorporate into different dishes and cuisines. You will also learn tips, tools and techniques for working in the kitchen, balancing flavours and finishing touches for sprucing up and adding that bit of extra pizazz!

Master Veggie is not just about following recipes, it is designed to help you improve your knowledge, repertoire and veggie cooking skills overall so you can improvise and invent to your hearts content.

You will master Veggie and become a Master veggie! 

Ingredients and dishes will vary according to what in season and available. 

For this reason it is imperative that you alert me of any allergies upon booking.

To help me plan the classes please DO tell me if you have any very serious aversions or intolerances. 

On the flip side I am open to suggestion of what you would like to learn.

The content of the course is flexible, I want to provide value to you, and help you to be a better cook :) 


This is an in-person course located in sunny Sardis, Saundersfoot. Please do not book if you cannot make it to Sardis SA699AP on the dates shown. 

Please do contact me for any questions, queries, suggestions or just a foodie chat. 


This course will be lead by seasonal ingredients and dishes.

Future Master Veggie Modules will consist of different content, ingredients and teachings depending on the season.

Why not join us again for even more inspirational Vegucation! 

Master Veggie Module

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£135.00 Regular Price
£111.00Sale Price
  • Should you change your mind, full refunds will be given up to 7 days before the date of commencement. 

    However, if you do book, please endeavour to commit. Other people are relying upon it :) 

    Due to exceptionally low pricing a minimum of 6 particpants is required to run this course module. I reserve the right to cancel and refund if necessary which I promise to do immediately upon the agreed starting date should the course not go ahead. 

  • Parking is available at the property. If you can car-pool then that's even better.

    We have 2 bathrooms located on the first floor. 

    We endeavour to keep our house as clean as possible but our kitchen floor is rather cool. Please feel free to bring practical slippers or indoor house shoes to keep your feet warm and cosy. 

    Please bring an apron if you so desire. 

    If you have a favourite knife with which you are comfortable, feel free to bring it along. 

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