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Unleash Your

Adventurous Inner Chef!

We all know someone who, after rocking up at your kitchen for the first time and poking their face into a bare fridge, appears 10 minutes later with a heavenly steaming bowl of sumptuous goodies.

How do these people conjure up colourful plates of ambrosial delights out of thin air?

What do they know that you don’t? Would you like to become one of them?


Cooking videos are all over the internet nowadays but what do you learn except how to copy that one particular dish? Are your cupboards full of only partially used ingredients that you have no idea what to do with?  How many times have you bravely ventured home with an alien-like vegetable only to watch it sadly rot in the corner, eventually collapsing just like your good intentions!


Let Eat Sense show you a multitude of ways of preparing, cooking and serving those unfamiliar ingredients. Add plenty of flavour matches, combine with world-wide cuisines and you have the recipe for vibrant plates and vibrant health!


Eat Sense has created a membership program like no other!

We teach you to truly cook with instinct and unleash your adventurous chef within!


Way more than just a recipe subscription!

Far more exciting than a blog about the dog…. oh and there’s a muffin recipe somewhere down there when you’ve trawled through all those pop-ups!  (eye-roll)


Yes, we have had our fill of the current model! We think it’s having little effect except for wasting your time. Instead, we expand your overall ability and motivate you to conjure up your own culinary magic that will be the envy of your friends!


As an Eat Sense member we educate, encourage and inspire you. You are sent cooking demonstrations, recipes, interviews, product tests, taste tests and more, all aimed at steadily building your kitchen confidence from foundation to pinnacle.

Let us personally support you in a safe, and non-preachy way! Although we focus mainly on plant-based, we advocate for self-awareness and balance as a route to health, so you can rest assured we will not try to push you into any dietary box.

Join us today and begin your own Veggie Adventure!

Click the link below and add your name to the wait list. We'll let you know of our next sign up dates!

Are you wondering..

Whats so great about an eat sense membership? You will learn to cook cuisines from around the world!

We'll show you all kinds of tips and tricks that make preparation easier. We'll show you what magic ingredients to have on hand so that you can whip up a crowd pleasing casserole at a moment notice.

You will learn to enjoy eating things that you never did before! Oftentimes it's the texture or cooking style that people find unappealing, we show you how to get the best out of every ingredient plus various ways to prepare it, cook it and which flavours to use with it.

Its fun, informative and motivating!

How will an Eat Sense membership benefit me? You will finally have the joy of taking home, and learning to cook, all of those enticing veggies you've been eyeing up!

Kohlrabi, yams, daikon, gourd, broccoflower, squashes and beets, artichokes, tat soi .....

And then there's all those mysterious bottles of yuzu, teriyaki, chipotle, what even is umami spice?

Incorporating a wider variety of ingredients into your diet will inevitably improve your health and immunity.

Having confidence to use seasonal ingredients, dry goods, or whatever is in the discount section, will ultimately save you money.

We aim to widen your perspective of the food industry as a whole which is helpful when considering your buying options. If you are considering entering the industry you can learn the truth about the various job roles from the people who do them!

Sounds like I'll have to go spending loads of money to restock my cupboard, this makes me a bit uncomfortable. Yes, but not all at once. To get the most out of this program you will definitely be expanding the range of ingredients in your kitchen, but we gradually introduce them at a steady rate. You may find you already have some of them, and remember, we will be showing you how to actually use them too, so they wont be going to waste this time. If you can commit to buying an extra two or three ingredients each month you will well on your way to reaching superstar chef status in your household within just one season.

Why should I sign up? Quite simply you are what you eat. Our food choices can vastly influence our health, mood and well-being. In todays world we encounter many forms of stress and pollution which can overburden our system and compromise our health. By taking control of your diet you can mitigate some of that burden and gain greater self-awareness of how your food choices are effecting you.

We really care about you. We are committed to making cookery tuition accessible, and passionate about sharing our knowledge.

How much does it cost? This has yet to be confirmed but I can promise it will be significantly cheaper than coming to London for personal cooking lessons with me!

Is this about all vegan food? Not exactly. We believe that eating a wide variety of ingredients is the best way to give the body all it needs to thrive. Cooking demonstrations and recipes are focused on vegetables, grains, and cupboard staples as we feel there is already enough information out there about carnivorous eating. However, we do not exclude meat and dairy consumption from the conversation as it is an ingrained part of our society and an important topic to discuss from the holistic perspective. 

We support veganism just as we support any other diet that is practiced in an informed and self-aware manner. If you are vegan, you will find our approach suits you just fine as long as you can tolerate other opinions.

Is this all about losing weight?  This is not a weight loss program. We take a more holistic approach which is about building a healthy relationship with food, encouraging self-awareness and expanding the range of nutritional foods that you consume. Your weight can be influenced by many factors, but by incorporating these practices into your life over time your health can improve and it is certainly possible that you can stabilise at your natural weight.

Do I need any prior cooking experience, I'm useless in the kitchen? We assume a basic knowledge of a kitchen and it's equipment but due to our unique approach you can be making delicious meals straight away even if you've never cooked before. Don't worry, you're in good hands, it actually becomes easier when you learn how to cook using your senses rather than copying a recipe. 

Im busy! Will my whole life become consumed by thinking about my diet?  On the contrary, our aim is to increase your knowledge and awareness to a point that you don't need to obsess about diet or mealtimes.

Of course you will need to exert a little effort to follow and practice our program, but before you can say 'hot potato' you will be able to just pop into the kitchen and throw something together.

Why not follow a blog instead? A lot of food blogs are focused around the life of the blogger, which is great if lifestyle stories are your thing,  but not if you want to actually learn how to cook. Most blogs attempt to make money from advertising. To create more advertising space oftentimes the page is drawn out with superfluous text or repetitive photos. We create relevant content, deliver it direct, and try our best not to waste your time.

How is this better than following recipe demos on youtube? Most youtube videos show you how to copy one recipe. Our program is arranged in such a way that you are learning about the ingredient itself and the various ways of preparing it. As a result of this more efficient learning experience you will gain knowledge, confidence and independence to improvise your own dishes.

Plus we will not put annoying adverts in our videos.

What will I get? 

Video demonstrations of ingredient preparation and cooking

Printable recipes

Fascinating recorded interviews exploring many aspects of the food industry

Taste testing product reviews from our team. We will try before you buy!

Your cooking q&a's. This is recorded, rather than live, so as to avoid time wasting technical glitches and humming and harring! 

What else will I get?


Community and moral support

Cooking tips and cheffy tricks


Entry into our monthly draw to win a cookbook

When will I get it? Delivered to your inbox twice monthly. Info will also be available on this website in the members area.

How long does it last? Its an ongoing subscription, the longer you stay the more you learn!

How do I sign up? Click on any of the buttons to let us know you would like to join. We'll let you know when the first enrolment is happening and send you instructions of how to easily set up the subscription.

What else will you do with my personal details? Nothing. We dislike the data mining, cookie pop-ups, spamming, just as much as you do. We purely wish to educate and inspire with integrity, being the change we wish to see in the world.

What if I don't like it? You can unsubscribe at any time. Please give us feedback on what you liked and disliked first as this will give us a chance to improve and tailor our offerings to suit you better.

Who are you? 

We are a small team of seasoned chefs, foodies, and producers who care deeply about supporting you on your journey to a well-nourished and joyful life. Together we make up Eat Sense which is a project aimed at dispelling dietary nonsense and encouraging a healthy relationship with food.

Eat Sense is eating with all our senses.  

Eat Sense empowers you to achieve great health through personal responsibility, self-awareness and balance.

Eat sense is about making conscious choices, using instinct and cooking with love. It's about savouring taste, sharing meals and eating in gratitude.

Eat sense is about eating real food that makes us smile. Food that bursts with life. Food that makes the room fall quiet except for the sound of busily munching mouths...

I still have questions! Great, we will answer them, we'd love to hear from you!

Eat Sense aims to:

  • Unleash your creativity and build your kitchen confidence to dizzying heights!

  • Encourage fresh home-cooking and seasonal eating.

  • Highlight lesser known ingredients and demonstrate cooking methods and flavour matches.

  • Inspire you with cuisines from around the world.

  • Build a new community of food lovers.

  • Focus on mainly plant-based eating and offer our support to you if you choose to do so.

  • Explore cultural and medicinal ways of eating.

  • Remain non-judgemental and flexible, we understand that the diversity of humans and our differing environments requires a variety of diets.

  • Reveal the range of professional roles within the food industry.

  • Review new products, cookbooks, kitchen equipment, free-from foods and substitute ingredients.

  • Discuss a sustainable future for food and farming.

  • Deliver information in an uncomplicated, no nonsense way.

  • And ultimately, we aim to enhance your relationship with food and rebalance your health with integrity, fun and deliciousness!


Eat Sense aims to avoid:


  • Diet fads, trends and the fashionable demonising of ingredients.

  • Dietary preaching, moral superiority or soapboxing.

  • Banal blogging about the cat’s latest visit to the vets! We know you just want the recipe, we will give it to you straight, on a printable pdf.

  • Referring to any ingredient as a ‘nutritional powerhouse’.

  • Counting calories.

  • Data mining, pop-ups or intrusive advertising. We will however endorse products we like.

  • Ridiculous, condescending, time sensitive sales pitches. I trust you are intelligent enough to make a decision without all that nonsense. We are bringing integrity back into marketing.

  • Directing you away to a social media page that wants to kidnap your attention and mine your data .. all information will be either delivered to you direct or found here on this website.

  • Upselling more expensive packages. 

  • Wasting your time or overwhelming you with loads of emails.

Our Mission
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