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Chef Wellness Program

Prep your chefs for success

Prep, peel, mise en place, strong coffee, spinning plates, sizzling trays, steaming pots, garnish, drizzle, dip, dot and smear... its a chef's life and it's addictive!

Yet for all the culinary joy they create the invisible grafters in the basement are often suffering greatly for their passion.

Long hours standing up, erratic eating habits, noise, pressure, little thanks and too much adrenaline all take their toll.

Fortunately, there is a growing awareness for the need for mental health support for chefs. This is encouraging, however, chef's can struggle with many other discomforts including sore joints, achey muscles, insomnia, back pain, gut problems, and an overload of stress hormones.

Corporate wellbeing has become the norm these days. The hospitality industry needs to catch up.

Eat Sense has devised a package to support the holistic wellbeing of your chefs.

We aim to:

* Identify areas of wobbly wellness

* Improve posture

* Alleviate aches and pains

* Strengthen immunity

* Educate on mindful eating

* Give your chefs tools to regulate their own nervous system

* Suggest natural remedies for all of the above

* Encourage awareness, vigilance and regular maintenance as a way of life

How it benefits your business

* Reduce sick days and enjoy less disruption to the staff rota

* Chef's talk! Attract and keep a higher calibre of staff, and decrease staff turnover

* Enjoy a happier, calmer, kitchen with less stressed chefs

* Happy chefs equals happy customers! Good energy transfers through the food to the customer.     We can all feel the difference between eating a lovingly homemade Sunday roast compared to a      loveless convenience store sandwich.

* Satisfied customers do return to good vibing restaurants!

How is it delivered?

* On site workshop 4 hrs total- arranged to fit around your shift patterns and opening hrs.  This doesnt work? We can re-jig and re-format to suit your requirements

* Conveniently pre-recorded exercise session in zoom format 

* Mindfulness audios pre-recorded in mp3 format

* Handouts - notes, reading recommendations and contacts for mental support

* Discounts with local bodyworkers - staff book directly in their own time


One pre-recorded exercise session by

a licensed professional osteopath.

Convenient length at 15mins. Realistically doable during breaks, split shifts or after work. 

Specifically targeted to the aches and pains of a hardworking chef:

* shoulders and neck

* lower back

* calfs, thighs and hips

Two pre-recorded calming mindfulness audios by Nervous system coach Catherine Hale.

Defuse - Designed to gently ease the mind and body out of an adrenaline fuelled shift, reducing stress levels and promoting good sleep.

Refuel - Specifically designed to quickly shift the nervous system into a parasympathetic state to assist digestion. Deliberately short and doable in limited time.

Nervous system healing

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We have secured a discount with:

Holistic Massage with Alice 

Haverfordwest studio

Mobile massage available for groups and brigades by special arrangement.


Collaboration opportunities

available now. 

EatSense has relocated and are on the lookout for quality therapists in south and mid Pembrokeshire with a resonating vision, values and ethos.

Of particular interest are osteopaths and deep tissue massage therapists but others will be duly considered.

Please contact us here:

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