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Holistic Health,

and Eating Coaching

Are you fed up of suffering with irritating, inconvenient health issues?  

At your wits end and tired of being told there’s nothing wrong with you?

Confused with contradictory health information?

Feeling stuck and just can’t seem to get results?

Diet. Digestion. Weight. 
Unwanted eating behaviours. 
Energy. Mood. Fatigue.Immunity.
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What is holistic coaching?

Modern methods of treating health imbalances tend to focus on alleviating, or rectifying, the current symptoms.

This is an effective approach in many situations e.g broken bones, or infections.

But often a symptom of dis-ease may have it's roots in an area that may not be immediately obvious.

Although we are not always consciously aware of the connection, every aspect of our lives impacts the others.

This is particularly evident with food and mood related issues,

e.g, your thoughts effect your stress levels > your stress levels impair your ability to digest food > which can in turn effect your weight. 

Holistic coaching explores the physical, psychological, energetic, environmental and social dimensions to find possible contributing factors to your state of un-ease.

 Treating the whole person, and their individual circumstances, can facilitate life-changing, long-lasting results.


Free yourself from fads, calorie counting,

guilty eating and deprivation diets.

Experience relief and comfort.

Break through to your better, bolder and brighter self!


You can benefit from holistic coaching if: 

- you feel 'stuck' with your health, diet or weight, you have tried many approaches and nothing seems to be working.


- your desire to change your body size or shape is impacting your life or you wish to liberate yourself from perpetual dieting or

other eating behaviours. 


- you have received a diagnosis but feel that there is something missing in the treatment protocol from your physician, we can work together to explore the underlying factors that may have contributed to your condition.

- you've looked at the 'sugar-free, green-juicing, pantry-detoxing, endless water drinking and rigid meal-planning programs' that many health coaches recommend .. and felt totally intimidated!

A holistic approach can help:

Irritable bowels

Digestive discomfort

Yo-yo dieting


Binge eating


Energy swings

Mood swings

Dry skin, hair and nails

Other random undiagnosed symptoms


Coaching techniques and practices can help you achieve:

Settled digestion

Enjoyable eating experiences

Greater immunity

Increased mental clarity

Stabilised size and weight

Steady balanced moods

Comfortable with body image

A healthy relationship with food

What to expect

During an agreed course of sessions we will work together to reach a sustainable, enjoyable, diet and lifestyle that supports your best health and highest potential. 

My role is to bring new ideas, a fresh perspective, suggest adjustments, and to support you on your journey at your own pace. Im here to be your health advocate, advisor and a listening ear. 

I have a personable and informal style, whilst maintaining absolute privacy and sensitivity. You will find my approach unique and refreshing, free from cliches or formulaic treatment plans.

I draw on my extensive training and broad knowledge base, to create a completely personalised coaching program that honours your individuality.

I also have the unique advantage of being an experienced professional chef. Therefore, if appropriate, I can incorporate cookery tuition into your program, advise on techniques and tricks to make any new dietary adjustments palatable .. and more likely delicious! 

You could think of your route to better health as an exploratory journey where we will shine a light in dark corners, fire and wire new neural pathways, enliven your spirit and enrich your life story.

Who am I?

I am qualified to help you because I am:

- a Mind, Body, Eating coach

- a Macrobiotic cook and health advisor

- an Advanced facilitator of PSYCH-K™

- Trauma informed

I am also trained in:

- The fundamentals of holistic nutrition

- Feng Shui

- Colour therapy

You may well now be thinking "what on earth is all that ?"

These are all amazing modalities that address our personal and collective life challenges from all angles, and on all levels of our being to enable real, tangible, long lasting beneficial change to take place. 

Please do contact me for more info, I'll be happy to expand on any area.

I have added links to suggested reading below for the curious amongst you.


1 session £70

3 pre-paid sessions £180 

6 sessions £360


Payment plans available

Dates flexible

First session 90 mins

Subsequent sessions 60 mins

- Integrative approach

Personalised coaching plan

- Support, motivation, accountability

- Cookery tuition and recipes

- Subconscious belief hacking

- Free 15 minute connection call 

- Concessions and packages

    (available on request)

- Online sessions available 

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Enlightening reading suggestions for curious minds

The mind-body connection

When the body says no.jpg

Dr.Gabor Mate 


When the


The cost of hidden stress

"It is impossible for any stressful stimulus, chronic or acute, to act on only one part of the super-system (the brains emotional centre, the hormonal apparatus, nervous and immune systems). What happens to one will effect all."

Bridging the gap between science and spirituality

The biology of belief.jpg

Bruce Lipton PhD



"The new biology revealed that the brain of a cell is it's skin... Through the action of the cell membrane we can actually control our genes, our biology, and our life, and we have been doing it all along although we have been labouring under the belief that we are victims"

The truth about dieting


Mark Hyman, M.D


"There are seven myths that many of us believe that confuse, confound and twart our efforts to lose weight. These beliefs are impediments to success. One by one I will shatter these myths that make you gain weight and keep it on."

A practical guide to holistic living

Macrobiotics for life.jpg

Simon Brown



"Macrobiotics for life presents a complete, holistic approach to health that can be applied to the body, mind and soul"

Invest in yourself today
For more information or to make an appointment email:
'Moving towards your best health and best self'
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