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Body Wisdom

6 weeks to empowered health

A FRESH and TASTY approach. 

A new way to decide what’s for dinner.


No restriction, no deprivation, not even the fleeting glimpse of a calorie. 

Learn to move with the cycles of nature and LOVE yourself into whole body health. 

Gain life-long tools to take charge of your own health, nourish your needs,

rebalance your physical and energetic systems, and strengthen your immunity. 

Free yourself from fads, bland foods, and quite frankly, from everybody else's opinion! 

Tap into your innate body wisdom and let it be your guide.

What we cover

Unravelling the confusion of modern day diet and health advice.

The cycles of nature, and how you fit in.

The mind-body connection.

Food energetics and how to utilise this ancient wisdom in all areas of life.

How different foods effect you.  Yes you. 

How the WAY you eat, not just what foods you eat, will effect your metabolism.

Why restriction diets don't work. Nourish your way to body balance instead.

Busting long held dietary beliefs.

The incredible metabolic power of oxygen, presence and pleasure. 

What do you get?

6 x 90 min online teaching sessions.

3 x Social sessions for sharing, chatting, fun and foodie tips.

Food enlightenment, inspiration and motivation.

Liberation from complex food tracking regimes.

Clarity on what works for you, and what doesn't.

Life long, self-empowering tools of awareness.

A variety of new perspectives on cooking, eating, and maintaining health. 

Recipes, cooking tips, tricks and advice from a pro chef.

Recommendations for further learning.

Body Wisdom and Eat Sense.

Whats involved?

Teachings of new science and old wisdom.

We step outside of the money-making machine, punishing regimes and dietary dogma, to explore other perspectives.

Food and body awareness exercises.

Get in tune with your own unique guidance system and gain the confidence to trust your body's messages.

The Holistic view.

The connection between the biological, emotional and environmental factors that effect your overall state of being.

Self-health checking.

Is it normal to sigh so much? Are your brittle nails just genetic? Your body is always talking to you. Learn the subtle indications that all is not as groovy as it could be, and how to get back on track.

Practical implementation.

Now that you know what your body wants to eat, get pro advice on how best to cook any unfamiliar ingredients. Gain the confidence to bring new foods into your kitchen and get cooking up a very tasty table of treats indeed!


£450 per attendee

*Household 250 offer.

Got friends? There's no need for co-habitors to pay in full twice.

Bring a friend or family member for just £250 each.

Please email before booking for your unique discount code.


Got more questions?

Teaching sessions dates

Get your biggest, best ears on, here's your teaching sessions.

We'll be stirring up some serious discussions, along with handouts, slides, and practical exercises.

New and old concepts all blended up with tools of autonomy. Health sovereignty here we come!

Social sessions dates

Chill and chat! 

Grab a cosy blanket and brew yourself a hug in a mug. These sessions are for mingling and musing, celebrating successes, fun, and gleaning juicy cooking tips from your new favourite chef!  (That's me btw )

Next course dates will be posted here


Full house! Wait in line.

Get your name on the list and be first to hear the next available course dates.

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Next course dates will be posted here

(All times in GMT)

Is this course for you?

This course is for you if...

...You're just so tired of fighting against yourself

...You want to enjoy eating again after years of self-deprivation

...You've absolutely had it with others calling the shots on what you should and shouldn't eat!

...You believe the body knows best

...You are committed to self-improvement and health sovereignty

...You are ready and willing to experiment with new thoughts and actions

This course is not for you if...

...You just want to be told exactly what to do and what to eat

...You want a daily diet plan with a calorie count

...You've absolutely sure there must be one perfect magic diet out there waiting to be discovered

...You believe somebody else must know best

...You are half-hearted, closed-minded, or unwilling to try anything new

...You are a disruptor who hopes to discredit natural methods and body wisdom

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