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A lovingly compiled collection of delicious, seasonal recipes to lift your spirits!

Lovely light and bright recipes, full of uplifting, tingling, zinging flavours and zesty herbs to refresh a jaded post winter palate!

For vegetarians, vegans, curious eaters and budding chefs.

However you choose to categorise your diet, you will find plenty to tempt you down to the market, into the kitchen and ultimately towards the biggest bowl in the cupboard!


For full tongue tingling recipe list see the info section.


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A Year of Veggie Adventures -Spring

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  • Lemony Light, Green and White, Beany Zucchini Cakes

    Spanish Chorizo, Manchego and Chickpea Salad *

    Crispy Avo-Taco, Black Bean Houmous and Chipotle Drizzle

    Gary’s Baked Baby Potato Salad

    Honeyed Pickle and Mulberry Provencal Potato Salad

    Honey and Herbs Vinaigrette 

    Grilled Springing Greens and Tahini Drizzle

    Chilled Cucumber and Watercress Soup

    Smoked Carrot Lox, Horseradish and Watercress

    Gorgeous Greek Salad *

    Better Borek *

    Wood Sprite Sprouting Salad with Sprightly Lemon Vinaigrette

    Sea-themed Caper Cashew Croquettes

    Chilli Cream Cheese Zuc-quiche *

    Crispy Quorn Vietnamese Crepe and Nuoc Cham Dip

    Herb Heaven Cha Ca with Banana Blossom Bites

    Hoisin! Napkin! Dig in! Vietnamese Pho

    Louisiana Spiced Black Bean Sausages

    Stove-Top Southern Style Jambalaya

    Sweet and Mustardy Mash

    Saturday Brunch Sweet Potato Farl *

    Sautéed Mixed Mushroom and Tarragon

    Spring Greens and Harissa Butter

    Cheats Fast Feto Bourguignon with a Dill Twist

    Asparagus and Celery Soup with Zesty Croutons

    Chinese Shredded No-Duck and Cucumber Pancakes

    PopEye Pasta

    Easy More-ish Malaysian Noodles

    Squishy Apricot Dark Chocolate Bites

    Lemon and Poppy Seed Sugar Crunch Muffins

    Pink Fizz Jellies with Macadamia Ginger Cream

     * Contains dairy or eggs

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