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A lovingly compiled collection of delicious, seasonal recipes to satisfy your senses!

Lip smacking, cool quenching and refreshing combos of summer's juiciest ingredients. Gorgeous grills and char-marked veggies; tossed and toasted super salads; picnic pickles, tasty tarts and glorious piles of pasta!  

For vegetarians, vegans, curious eaters and budding chefs.

However you choose to categorise your diet, you will find plenty to tempt you down to the market, into the kitchen and ultimately towards the biggest bowl in the cupboard!


For full lip-zinging recipe list see the info section.


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A Year of Veggie Adventures -Summer

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  • Stylish and Summery Nicoise Salad

    Crazy Delicious Crushed and Crisped Potatoes

    Vegan Caesar Salad

    Inner Pickle Picnic Balls

    Mexicana Squash Samosas

    Thai Tempeh Cauliflower Krapow

    Zingy Thai lemongrass Salad

    Thai Cucumber Salad

    Stir-Fried Sesame Carrots  

    Sicilian Baby Courgette, Artichoke and Bufala Salad with Lemon Sauce *

    Orzo, Tomato Soup with Puttanesca salsa

    Super Tasty Pimped Up Parmigiana

    Romesco, Sultana and Pine Nut Broccoli Pasta

    Warm Salsa Gem Boats

    Summery Greens Minted Risotto

    Linguine with Chilli and Rocket

    Crispy Chilli Panelle and Tartare Sauce

    Salty Seaside Beer Battered Tof-ish Cones

    Tartare Sauce

    Tropical Tacos with Coconut and Lime Hearts of Palm

    The Mediterranean BBQ salad

    The Vietnamese BBQ Salad

    The Italian BBQ Salad *

    The Brazilian BBQ Salad

    The Hawaiian BBQ Salad

    The English Brunch BBQ salad *

    Sweet Summer Tomato Tart Tatin

    Mustard Lemon Spring Greens

    Braised Fennel with White Wine and Orange

    Totally Terrific Tomatoes on Toast

    Baked Egg Tomatoes on Catalan Toast *

    Cool with a Kick, Melon and Ginger Soup

    Marvellous Mango Pudding with Apple and Chilli Salsa

    Chocolate Raspberry Rose Mille Feuille


    * contains eggs or dairy

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