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Learn the technique and base ingredients used to make deliciously satisfying vegan sausages! These can then be adapted to suit your personal tastes so you can improvise, experiment and make your favourite sausages at home and add them to mash and gravy, hot dogs and mustard, sunday fry up....whatever you like!
We'll be showcasing them in a popular Creole dish, liberally splashed with Louisiana hot sauce, and finish with a veganised New Orleans favourite sweet treat!

Grab your dixie beer and your feather boa and Bon Mardi Gras! 


This class is dairy free.

Please read all additional info before booking.

Mardi Gras Mayhem

SKU: MardiGrasClass
  • Ground floor flat. Car parking available.

    Lunch, refreshments, recipes and dixie beer provided.

    Food to take home.

    Please bring your own apron if desired.

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