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Veganuary Success ?

What's your strategy for 

Are you:

Nervous or lacking the confidence to make changes?

Not sure what you will eat? 

Worried your cooking skills are lamer than a wet lettuce?

Scared of turning into a chickpea cliche?

Do you wish you had a guiding hand, to give you cooking advice and offer support and motivation?


A kind of .. Veganuary coach?

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Whats that you say? 


Sign up now for this rare opportunity to work with me personally for the whole month of January to ensure your Veganuary health success. 

I will hold your hand while you explore if this diet and lifestyle is for you.


We’ll move at a pace that suits you and fits with your personal lifestyle requirements, budget, and food preferences. 

I will guide you through, assisting you with recipes, cooking tips, meal organisation, kitchen organisation, procurement, nutrition, nourishment and energetics. 


As your Veganuary guide I will help you to stay healthy and vibrant, upgrade your culinary knowledge, elevate your kitchen confidence and give you a solid foundation to continue on your journey. 

Should you decide that Veganism doesnt suit you after all, you will still have learned timeless valuable skills for self-nourishment. 

Whats included?


* Four in-person coaching calls including assistance with meal planning and recipe ideas based on what is in your fridge and on your calendar.

* One weekly support response service to keep you on track. Email me for answers to your questions or concerns, a motivational boost or a suggestion for dinner. I will answer several questions in one response. 

* Support, motivation, inspiration, accountability.

* Pro-chef cooking tips for great flavour and tasty additions.

* Health tips for better energy, digestion, relaxation.

* An initial discovery call to check we are a good match to work together.

* An aftercare call in March to check you are still doing well.

* A copy of my amazing cookbook  A Year of Veggie Adventures  four scrumptious seasons of palate pleasing pleasures. Its chock full of downright delicious wholesome and satisfying dishes, a great many of which are vegan or veganisable. 

This service is:

* Nourishing, uplifting and exploratory. 

* For individuals who have given careful consideration to a dietary change.

* Balanced with responsibility. I will tell you straight if I feel your health is suffering, or will suffer, due to any diet or lifestyle.

* Provided by a Holistic health coach, focused on food energetics, seasonality, variety, mind-body health, the holistic view. 

* A nourishment coaching service that introduces varied tasty plant-based everyday meals to help you make a gentle successful adaptation to a new way of eating. 

This service is not:

* Vegan bootcamp. Please do your own research regarding vegan products, supplements, clothing etc

* Not about extravagant substitutions or complicated cooking. 

* Not focused on specific micronutrient systems or diet plans.

* Not for pregnant women, or those under the age of 18. 

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