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Personal tutoring in a relaxed environment. Learn to cook adaptations of your old faves, try new techniques, unfamiliar ingredients, and dishes from around the world.


We don't just teach recipes, we teach you to cook using your instincts so you gain the confidence to go forth and invent your own dishes. Classes can be tailor-made for your specific requirements and preferences. Book just one class or a whole course. 

Our classes make great gifts!

Scroll down for inspiration, or visit the shop for our full range of classes and products.

Nachos and Dips

Veggie Victory


Learn how to re-create those lip-smacking, chin wiping Tex-Mex favourites with purely pain-free ingredients!
Have you been craving a delicious vegan ground 'beef' enchilada, vegan pepperjack cheese and a margarita?


Veggie Victory


Jazz, Jambalaya and plenty of hot sauce! We'll be whipping up a batch of spicy vegan sausages and a classic creole dish to show them off, followed in true Louisiana style with a mountain of beignets and a New Orleans dixie beer.


Veggie Victory


If you're missing the little salty sea-farers since turning vegan, I'm here to tell you that your bagel is about to get much better!
We'll be setting sail to catch a shoal of popular snacks, without the bones, which ensure your little dishy is not so fishy after all ! 
Sailors cap and pipe optional.

Yum 1.jpg

Healthier Living


More wholesome, more healthy, more feel-good treats!
Be it caramel shortbread, trifle, donuts or pumpkin pie, we all desire a little sweetness in our lives and if you are improving your diet you'll be needing an upgraded version.
Learn to make indulgent puds that are actually good for you!

Malaysian dal soup.jpg

Healthier Living


Macrobiotics is a flexible system for living and eating that maximises nutrition, reduces stress and enhances health.
Rebalance your emotions. Bounce back from health challenges.  
Learn which ingredients and cooking methods will support your body through the seasons.


Kitchen Confidence


You know all those strange looking veg you haven't quite summoned up the courage to try...

Once relegated to the edges of the plate, it's time for vegetables to be put back into the limelight!

this class will expand your repertoire in ways you never imagined so, if you feel eternally stuck in vegetable-penne-land, it's time to come and get friendly with a mooli and silly with a celeriac!

Veggie Victory

China Town

We're going east for this

Chinese feast!

Put back that jar of black bean sauce and get stuck into this authentic menu of

hot, numb and spicy!

Steaming dumplings, sizzling stir frys and looong slow braises.

Toasted sesame, sticky rice, crisp and crunchy lotus, punchy, fresh and fragrant. What are you waiting for?

Veggie Victory

Sicilian Sunshine

Fun, filling and totally indulgent, what else would you expect from an Italian get-together? 

Enjoy all the very best of Sicily without the dairy!

Lovely lemons and gorgeous garlic, crispy fritters, happy herbs and marvellous marsala!

Come and make pasta while the sun shines!

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