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What is Eat Sense?

Eat sense is about eating with all our senses.

Eat Sense encourages you to achieve good health through personal responsibility, self-awareness and balance.

Cast aside the dietary judgement, the shoulds and shouldn'ts of eating, and instead celebrate our uniqueness. Become aware of how we each individually respond to various foods.

Superfood, superpowder, protein shake what? Low-cal, no-carb, cheat days, 5-2-nonsense!

By eating a wide range of whole, unprocessed, colourful foods that reflect your environment and support your lifestyle, you can balance your energy, weight and health with ease.

Adopting this lifestyle will mean you will have no need to worry about the latest demonic ingredient, or obsessively count calories.

Lets be honest, there are a lot of people making a lot of money with nutrition confusion tactics. Its time to take back our power and remember that we used to know how to make lunch without consulting an 'expert' first.

Eat sense is about making conscious choices, using instinct and cooking with love. It's about savouring taste, sharing meals and eating in gratitude.

Eat sense is about eating real food that makes us smile. Food that bursts with life. Food that makes the room fall quiet except for the sound of busily munching mouths.

Let's fully immerse ourselves in this experience of energy transference and bring ourselves back to our natural state of balance...

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